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More about RingBlock and RingStone Tiles
Our end grain tiles are fabricated by cross-grain slicing antique barn timbers or heavy planking. Inherent qualities include the color of age, tight growth rings, insect marks and natural checking; all of which add to the beauty and unique appearance of these products.

What is the difference between RingBlock and RingStone Tiles?

    RingBlock Tiles are cut from reclaimed hardwood or softwood; depending on the pattern or client preference. Milled edges allow for creative patterns in typical tile sizes of 4" x 4" and 3" x 6". For an upcharge, hand beveled edges can be provided to define or soften the look. A quality wood filler may be required to fill holes and gaps up to 1/4".

    RingBlock Tiles can also be spaced like ceramic tiles. This method requires ceramic tile spacers and epoxy grout.

    RingBlock Tiles are packaged unassembled, but, some patterns may be preassembled for ease of installation. Please check with us for patterns and pricing.

    RingStone Tiles are milled from hardwood barn timbers with an attempt to retain the original edge and encourage the look of natural stone. Tile sizes are dictated by the dimension of the chosen timber, although, some sizes are altered for convenience. For an upcharge, rounded edges (as depicted in our Random Cobble) can be provided to soften the overall look. Please check with us for pricing.

Levanna provides Time-Saving and Budgetary Options:
  1. Cut Tiles (Foundry Block Only)
  2. Touch-Sanded Edges
    Set and Sand-In-Place by owner or contractor with slight as-is thickness variations.
    Light sanding softens tile edges and saw marks to produce a charming look with soft texture
  3. Sanded Tiles
  4. a. Uniform Thickness for Walls and Floors
    b. Irregular Thickness for a 3 dimensional Wall Treatment
  5. Hand Edged
  6. Pre-Sanded Tiles with Choice of Beveled or Rounded Edge
  7. Pre-Finished Tiles
  8. Pre-Sanded Tiles with your choice of finish
  9. The Works
  10. Pre-Sanded, Edged, and Pre-Finished

Cut Hemlock Tile

Sanded Hemlock Tile

Cut Oak Tile

Sanded Oak Tile

Q: How do the tiles come?

  1. Levanna can provide individual tiles, or tiles in small groupings with a mesh backing, or as pre-finished and pre-grouted panels. It all depends on your application and your budget.

Q: What do you use to set the tiles?

  1. A quality Urethane Adhesive is used to set the tiles. Urethane adhesive allows wood tiles to expand and contract. Never use grout or wood glue to bed wood tiles.

Q: What type of filler or grout should you use?

  1. Timber Mate Wood Filler is a superior water-based wood filler that comes in several colors and may be purchased on-line or at most home improvement stores. Fillers are used to fill minor gaps between tiles or defects within tiles.
  2. SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout is recommended for patterns with spacings of 1/4" and wider (such as Random Cobble). It may be purchased on-line or at quality tile stores.


Shown in Antique Hemlock & Beech


Shown in Antique Beech

Basket Weave

Shown in Antique Hemlock

Random Cobble

Shown in Antique White Oak

Foundry Block

Shown in Antique White Oak

Foundry Block

Shown in Antique White Oak
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