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Reclaimed Barn Siding
Not only does it produce some of our most endearing floors, it can create dramatic contrast or add excitement to any design - vertical or horizonal, interior or exterior. From ceiling to wall paneling, re-serviced as exterior siding or to merely highlight a section: the atmosphere and interest it brings is undeniable.

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The natural beauty of
An Original Hand-Hewed Wood Product
WoodStone Tiles are produced to resemble randomly stacked stone to create a unique look. Tiles come 2" to 8" wide and 3" to 12" long.

Both WoodStoneTM products are very easy to install and look GREAT!

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WoodStone Paneling comes 3" to 8" wide and up to 72" long. The edges are beveled and then stained grey. WoodStone Paneling is a great choice to:
  • Conceal existing structural posts and beams.
  • Creat an architectural accent for wall or ceiling in your home or business environment.
  • Privide a look that is exciting, beautifully rustic and has lots of history.

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Pioneer Plank
Rustic Paneling & Trim

Pioneer Plank is the ultimate modern-rustic wall paneling and trim. It’s fashioned from ancient hand-hewed timbers that undergoes custom milling to create a celebration of original broad ax craftsmanship and rich patinas in a bold, blemished and beautiful way.

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Mixed Hardwoods
Thickness: 3/4" +/-
Width: 3"-8"
Length: 2'-10'
Design Ideas:
Use Pioneer Planks as
  • Wall or Ceiling Paneling
  • Trim
  • Chimney Treatment
  • Structural Beam Appliqué
  • Flooring
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Stair Parts
Your stairway is the natural continuance and perfect complement to your new wide plank floor from Levanna. Whether you choose the same species or an accent wood, we can provide the stair componets to complete the look you desire.
Woodcliff Hotel & Spa, Fairport, NY
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Reclaimed Wood
Grill Works, Inc.
= 1 Great Look For Your Reclaimed Wood Floor

Quality Vents Made From Levanna's Reclaimed Wood

Mastercrafted by Grill Works, Inc., our custom wood Vents, Grills and Floor Registers are made from our own board stock to our specifications. Products are available in a variety of styles for your floor, wall or ceiling, and are only sold in combination with an order of our Grand Antique hardwood flooring to assure complementary perfection.

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Antique Cut Nails
For a truly authentic antique look, Levanna can provide you with cut nails made by the oldest manufacturer of its kind in the nation.

Why Cut Nails? You see, round-shank nails merely separate wood fibers as they are driven. By their design, they invite splitting, they work loose and pop up even under the slightest stress or movement. A cut nail's blunt end and tapered edge gives it up to 50% greater holding power by cutting the wood fibers, then dispersing them in a downward direction. These fibers hold the nail's edges firmly: preventing the nail from working loose.

Hey.....History Lovers!
"Forged and Cut Iron Nails" by Gregory LeFever is a great read.
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Tables, Cabinetry, Beds and more

Furnishings look great when made from antique wood. Expert craftsmen will masterfully create a single piece or a complete set from your design, or one of ours.

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Commissioned Works

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