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Pre-finished Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Installation just got a whole lot easier with our pre-finish options, 'cause when you're done......... YOU'RE DONE!

No Sanding. No Finishing. No Odor. No Drying. No Waiting.

Polyurethane Finishes:
Each coat is professionally spray-applied, and then cured overnight followed by hand sanding. This process is repeated to produce a rich and beautiful finish.

    Oil-based or Water-borne:
    Our custom application adds durability and accentuates the natural colors and character of your antique wood floor.

UV Finishes:
All of the UV-cured products we provide are environmentally compliant and support the global "green" movement to preserve our planet. The finish employs a seven layer process on patented equipment in a state-of-the-art facility, and it exceeds industry standards by a minimum of 25% more finish than typical pre-finished flooring. Furthermore, a custom built 4-head wide belt sander starts the process for an ultra smooth surface and a uniform board thickness.

    Standard Aluminum Oxide:
    This finish adds durability to your floor through a seven coat process that carries a 25 year residential warranty.

    Abrasion-resistant NANO:
    NANO finishing technology provides extreme wear and scratch protection: nearly double the protection of standard aluminum oxide without compromising the esthetic beauty of natural wood tones and grain patterns. It's the most durable finish the industry offers, has sheen levels to fit any décor and comes with a 25 year residential warranty or a 5 year stated commercial warranty.

    UV Oil:
    UV Oil coating has wear resilience and is repairable. It was UV Oil's Matte Finish that provided the perfect low sheen when expectations demanded perfection.

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Our Pre-finishes are available on the following:

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Antique Softwood

Fresh-Sawn Hardwoods

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