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The versatility of
Pioneer Plank
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Pioneer Plank played the leading role in this beautiful basket weave patterned floor that measured only 6 1/2 feet square. 5" squares of reclaimed antique maple, beech and yellow poplar, and a perimeter banding of 3/4" black walnut comleted the look.

Such simple accent floors are perfect for the home or resturant with rustic elegance.

Pioneer Plank (Natural), is installed vertically as a rustic wainscot, as an upper wall treatment, or as full height, floor-to-ceiling paneling.

In a library or office, its rich colors and textures are a perfect complement to the soothing comfort of supple leather, classic earth tones of cloth upholstery, or cherished antiques furnishings. It gives a unique touch to your inglenook, foyer, or mud room. As for your camp or lodge, game room, family room or den, it's a given. And, it adds atmosphere and interest to commercial and retail establishments such as restaurants and theme stores.

Shingle Panel (Natural)

To create the illusion of rustic shingles, use plywood as a backer and a quality flexible construction adhesive to vertically adhere 2-foot pieces in a staggered pattern (like laying wood flooring, it is essential that the ends joints don't align) and tack them in place with brads or finishing nails. The shorter lengths allow you to better control the placement of the original tooling marks that make for a dramatic wall treatment.

Horizontal Wall Panel (Natural)

If you like the horizontal look and country charm of a log cabin wall, but would like a refined alternative to our WoodStone Paneling, turn Pioneer Plank 90 degrees for a fashionable cabin panel. Pioneer Plank looks great as an edge-joined horizontal wall treatment; or separated with old-style chinking.

4" Ceiling Trim (Natural)

This is a prime example of how colors and contrasting textures work so well together.

As trim, Pioneer Plank's edgy refinement allows for many unexpected, eye-catching applications.