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About the Wood
The trees for our barn timbers were cut 100 to 200 years ago, with many of them dating to the settlement period of Central New York (c. 1790 – c. 1820). As a result, much of our antique wood is recycled virgin forest, slow-growth timber. Reclaimed antique wood is renowned for its character and color, tight grain and textures: qualities most often preferred over that of today’s fresh-cut stock. That’s why the beauty of antique wood speaks louder than the evidence of its time-worn tale. It’s desired by those who work with it, and by the architects, designers, builders and homeowners who select our products.

Levanna's beautiful reclaimed wood flooring is available in graded hardwoods & softwoods, with grade descriptions provided at your request.

Our Gallery of Historical Barns
Here are just a few of the historical barns from which Levanna has recovered quality timbers, siding and interior planking.

SR-34B, Poplar Ridge, NY
c. 1820 & c. 1875

Ash, Beech & Basswood Timbers,
Wide Siding & Wide, 2" Floor Planks

Corrigan Rd., Niles, NY
Built 1883

Elm, Beech & Oak Timbers, Wide
Flooring & beautiful Weathered Siding

SR-80, Otisco, NY
c. 1830 & c. 1870

Beautiful Wide Weathered Siding

Mill St., Fleming, NY
c. 1830

Beech Timbers, Rare 16" to 22"
Pine Siding & Thick Elm Planking

Newark St., Phelps, NY
c. 1840 - c. 1860

Oak, Beech & Hemlock Timbers, Wide
Flooring & beauiful Red Painted Siding

Schenk Rd., Union Springs, NY
c. 1875

Oak Members with Oak & Elm Siding

Frazier Rd., Sempronius, NY
c. 1890

Beech Timbers, Beech and
Cherry Joists, Wide Siding

Number One Rd., Scipio, NY
c. 1880

Wide, Weathered Hemlock
Siding & Wide Floor Planks

Van Liew Rd., Fleming, NY
c. 1820 & c. 1875

Oak, Ash, Elm, Beech & Hemlock Timbers,
Wide Pine & Hemlock Flooring, Gray Siding

Rockefeller Rd., Moravia, NY
c. 1870

Oak & Hemlock Timbers

Hornberg Rd., Victory, NY
c. 1875

Beech Timbers & Wide Weathered Siding

Skillett Rd., Fleming, NY
c. 1900

Beautiful Beech and Hemlock
Timbers, Heavy Oak Floor Joists

Pinckney Rd., Auburn, NY
c. 1820 & c. 1880

Beech, Oak, Poplar, Ash, & Elm Timbers,
Elm Joists, T&G Flooring, Wide Grey Siding

Long Point Rd., Aurora, NY
c. 1815

Oak Timbers & Joists, Wide
Hemlock Flooring & Siding

Schenk Rd., Union Springs, NY
c. 1820 & c. 1865

Oak Timbers, Wide Siding and
Wide Oak, Maple & Hemlock Flooring

Duck Lake Rd., Conquest, NY
c. 1870

Beech Timbers and Joists,
beautiful Wide Pine Siding

Fort Hill Rd., Phelps, NY
c. 1850

Ash, Elm & Basswood
Timbers, Wide Weathered Siding

Bonta Bridge Rd., Jordan, NY
c. 1845

Beech, Ash & Elm Timbers, Wide Siding,
Wide Oak, Maple, Beech & Basswood Planking

Classic St., Sherburne, NY
Built 1910

Beech and Hemlock Timbers & Joists,
Wide Yellow Pine & Hemlock Siding

E. River St., Waterloo, NY
Built 1829

Oak & Yellow Poplar Timbers, Wide White
Pine Siding & Wide Hemlock Loft Flooring

SR-89, Canoga, NY
c. 1825

Oak Timbers, siding, Hemlock,
Oak and Live Edge Walnut Planks

Booth Road, Scipio, NY
c. 1850

15" Wide Flooring & Wide Hemlock Siding

SR-89, Romulus, NY
c. 1900

Wide Weathered Hemlock Siding

SR-34B, Poplar Ridge, NY
Built 1893

Wide White Pine Siding

SR-326, Auburn, NY
c. 1875

Wide Weathered Siding

Lockwood Rd., Auburn, NY
c. 1910

Narrow Painted Pine Siding

Kamm Rd., Marietta, NY
c. 1850

Ash, Poplar, Maple and Oak Timbers
Wormy Chestnut and Hemlock Siding

Depot Rd., Aloquin, NY
c. 1895

4/4 Oak Wall Planking & 4x4 Oak Studs

New Street, St. Johnsville, NY
Built 1910

Reclaiming Antique Heart Pine Timbers
from a factory along the Mohawk River

Veley Rd., Cato, NY
c. 1840

Pulling Elm Timbers... plus two
large tie beams of Beech & Hemlock

East Lake Rd., Varick, NY
c. 1815

Photo c. 1935 (Brown Farm)
White Oak, Ash & Basswood Timbers

Rockefeller Rd., Moravia, NY
c. 1835

White Oak and Ash Timbers

Kings Corners Rd., Ledyard, NY
c. 1820

Hewed Poplar Timbers,
Wide Poplar & Hemlock Siding

Cuylerville Rd., Geneseo, NY
c. 1815

Hewed White Oak Timbers, Hewed Rafters
and rare Hand-Wrought Iron Nails

Tryon Rd., Pulaski, NY
c. 1875

Hewed Hemlock Timbers,
Wide Hemlock & Narrow White Pine Siding

Otisco Valley Rd., Amber, NY
c. 1825

Mixed Oak Timbers & Weathered Siding

South Main St., Balfast, NY
c. 1895

Weathered Siding

Oak Hill Rd., Marieta, NY
c. 1835

White Oak Timbers & Painted Siding

Walter Rd., Scipio Center, NY
c. 1885

Red Oak, Elm and Beech Timbers

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